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News - Improved HD Print Reception

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Safer, Brighter, Faster coupled with Improved HD Print Reception & Printable via any media at no added cost – introducing the new, improved photoluminescent technology from the Jessup / Innova partnership.

Developed for a very demanding marine application for one of Innova’s clients, the collaboration with their partner, Jessup Manufacturing Company, of Illinois, has produced such a plethora of beneficial product improvements that we are rolling it out to all our Glo Brite® 7520 and 7550 customers as a product enhancement as a no-cost option.

Incorporating the latest cutting-edge development in HD surface technology, for the first time in a photoluminescent film, the new Glo Brite® 7535 (PSPA Class B) and 7555 (PSPA Class C) offers much greater flexibility and enhanced aesthetics delivering sharper edge-definition and colour density on almost any printing method be it digital inkjet with solvent or eco-solvent, UV inks, screenprinting or THT, plus it dries faster to improve production efficiency.

These new improved Jessup Glo Brite® Series Films utilise the latest and most innovative photoluminescent pigments and produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions as well as charging faster in the light. We are delighted to bring to the Safety Signage and Safety Way Guidance market a brand new innovation in photoluminescent material performance and print finish.

Glo Brite® Product / PSPA Class2 mins10 mins30 mins60 mins
Class B21050157
7520 250 56.316.3 7.2
Class C6901404520

Founded on the highly successful Glo Brite® 7500 Series Polyester construction, the new 7535 & 7555 is available in a Satin/Matt finish and the high energy and receptive nature of the surface provides excellent ink adhesion giving superior durability even in harsh, exterior environments.

Available in Self-Adhesive Rolls and Sheets, Rigid Sheets & Printed Tapes

Another feature of the surface technology is the quick-drying ability which improves production rates and efficiency. In addition to all the usual Glo Brite® 7500 Series benefits of lay-flat characteristics, long-term exterior performance and the environmental credentials, 7535 & 7555 offer an unrivalled Conformance to Internationally recognised Quality & Performance Standards


Meets or exceeds the following Photoluminescent & Signage Standards

DIN 67510 Pt 1, 2, 3 & 4

PSPA Standard 002 Pt 2 1993 and Class A Rev. 2: 09/99,

ISO / CD 15370,

ASTM E 2039-99 / E 2072-00 / E 2073-00

DIN 53438 Pts. 2 & 3

DIN 53387-1-D-X

DIN 53387-2-F

ISO 17938 – durability


Flame, Smoke & Toxicity accreditations – Jessup Glo Brite® 7500 Series conforms to, or exceeds, the following internationally recognised approvals which are very important standards within the transportation industry:

DIN 53438 Parts 2&3 – Flammability (Reaction to an open flame)

ASTM 162 – Surface flammability using a radiant heat source

ASTM 648 – Critical Radiant Flux

ASTM 662 – Specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials

SMP800C – Bombardier toxic gas collection


Accreditations for Marine & Offshore applications

IMO Resolution A. 752(18)

Lloyds Register type approval Certificate Number: 01/60007(E1)

Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC Certificate Number: MED0750088

Glo Brite® 7535 conforms to PSPA Class B

Glo Brite® 7555 conforms to PSPA Class C


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