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News - Glass can be a problematic surface to bond

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Glass can be a problematic surface to bond, being very flat and smooth.

In its normal state, glass is not porous, however under certain chemical conditions glass can be attacked by acidic substances rendering the surface porous. Additionally, impurities and moisture can be trapped in the fine surface pores, and for these reasons we recommend that when bonding to glass you prime the surface with NovaBond Silane Glass Primer.


How does it work?

NovaBond Silane Glass Primer chemically altering the surface of the glass by increasing the surface energy and making it more receptive to adhesive. It can be wiped on and off using a ‘lint-free’ cloth and is fast acting and the resultant bond can be up to 50% stronger.

It is a silane-based primer specifically formulated for the NovaBond SignFix range of high strength bonding tapes, especially the recommended glass bonding clear acrylic tape NovaBond XS100C

However, it is suitable for use with most advanced acrylic adhesives used on glass, or coloured, textured/frosted surfaces.

When working at temperatures  below 10°C there is a risk of condensation forming on the surface which will prevent bonding. In this instance, apply gentle heat from a hot air gun/hair dryer to raise the surface temperature to above 10°C taking care not to overheat the surface and break the glass.



  1. Initially, remove any dirt, dust, excessive grease, oils or other contaminants with the NovaBond Surface Cleaner
  2. Open the NovaBond Silane Glass Primer container carefully and release pressure slowly
  3. Apply the primer to the glass surface(s) you intend to bond with a clean, dry, ‘lint-free’ cloth
  4. Any solvent should ‘flash off’ in around 10 seconds
  5. Dry any over-wet areas and leave the primer to act for 5 minutes prior to bonding

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