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News - Maintenance Free Safety Signage

Photoluminescent safety signage never requires maintenance, aside from the occasional wipe down to remove dust etc.

They could be described as the safest exit sign of all needing no constant source of power or a battery backup.

Using latest generation pigments Innova Solutions’ Glo-Brite® safety products deliver improved luminosity for longer durations and compliments or in some instances replaces electrical signage as best practice in building and transportation safety way-guidance.

The photoluminescent pigments absorb and store energy from ambient light, and in case of sudden darkness/power failure or smoke spread the photoluminescent material releases that stored energy.

Green Arrow photoluminescent safety signageGreen-Arrow-600-x-600-lit-560x561


Benefits of Photoluminescent safety signage/egress safety way-guidance systems

  • The light is bright and consistent
  • No frequency flicker means less panic amongst those attempting to escape
  • Egress routes, stairwells and doorways marked with photoluminescent tape and track make evacuation quicker and easier
  • They reduce the hesitation that comes from not being able to see the handrail or stair tread ahead
  • Photoluminescents make it easier for the emergency services to find their way, identify their position and work more effectively to save people and buildings
  • Glow in the dark safety signage is durable and long-lasting, providing consistent, reliable safety for 25+ years
  • Next generation photoluminescent safety signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive
  • Zero running costs and require no power (regular or backup) other than the ambient light that charges them
  • Photoluminescents are the more effective way to complement your existing emergency systems and keep your people, buildings and transport safe
  • Foolproof & easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly


Watch the two videos below to see how they perform in ‘Blackout’ and ‘Smoke filled’ conditions:



Smoke Filled

How is the photoluminescent material supplied?

Innova Solutions supply photoluminescent material in 3 formats:

1)   Rigid sheets, 1.2mm thick,

2)   Self adhesive, whether in logs, small plain and printed rolls, or sheets

3)   Rolls of adhesive photoluminescent laminate, for use when backing up clear acrylics


Click here to link to our full photoluminescent product range and dedicated website at photoluminescent.co.uk


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Innova Solutions Photoluminescents: A brighter approach to glow in the dark safety


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