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News - Methacrylate Structural Adhesives

NovaWeld two-part methacrylate structural adhesives comprise of a resin and initiator, or a resin/hardener that quickly cure to a strong thermoplastic bond with excellent resistance to peel, shear and impact stress.

They offer a higher peel strength and better temperature resistance than epoxy or PU giving incredibly high ultimate bond strengths across a wide range of difficult to bond substrates, including;

  • steel
  • aluminium
  • magnets
  • polycarbonate
  • composite materials
  • ceramics
  • engineering plastics
  • sheet moulded compounds (SMC)
  • glass fibre reinforced polyester

The speed of cure means that bond assemblies can be subsequently processed much quicker. The initial reaction rate is slow allowing re-positioning of bonding parts, but after a short induction period, the exothermic reaction increases with rapid strength build-up.

They are formulated to perform in the harshest environments and offer a primer-less solution yet still offer increased strength and flexibility for structural load bearing requirements. Novaweld two-part methacrylate structural adhesives are a 1:1 mix, require minimal surface preparation and cure rapidly at ambient room temperature.


  • Signage
    • whatever signmaking material you’re working with, from acrylic or stainless steels to stone and ceramics
    • bonding bighead fasteners and other locators onto di-bond aluminium composites (ACM’s)

NovaHead Fasteners

  • Automotive
    • vehicle roofs
    • carbon fibre body panels
    • spoilers
    • vents and housings
  • Other
    • Wind turbines
    • sports goods
    • construction
    • marine
    • utility
    • magnets in electric motors
    • petrochemical industries
    • general manufacturing


  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Primer-less
  • Wide range of diverse substrates
  • Cures at ambient room temperature
  • Withstands powder coat cycles
  • Excellent peel and shear strengths
  • Chemical resistance

Choose your structural glue….

Select from our Novaweld product range with specifications for cure times, temperature, viscosities and aesthetic appearance.

High temperature structural adhesives can withstand multiple powder coat paint cycles, whilst clear glues, such as Novaweld , will contribute to a finished product that looks as good as it performs.


NovaWeld SignFix 1 (two part pink & green)

NovaWeld SignFix 7 (white)

Novaweld SignFix 12 (clear)


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