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News - Seeing Double at Innova

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It’s a case of seeing double or possibly double trouble for the employees at Innova, as twin sister Julie has hooked up with ‘older’ sister Linda.

Not only do they look alike, they sound quite alike as well so it’s a case of hearing double as well which is also confusing fellow workers, customers and suppliers.

Julie joins Innova as Supply & Logistics Manager to work alongside Operations Director, Linda.


Linda explained;

“We have never worked together before however we did once go for the same job interview at the tender age of 16, I’m not committing myself as to who got the job……..

“Fast forward several years (too many to mention) and Julie is now part of the team at Innova. We work well together and are looking forward to the day that we know what the other is thinking without needing to speak – how good would that be?

“Its a good job that we work in different offices – we could have a lot of fun pretending to be each other – something we have done in the past……..people still confuse us now – you get random people chatting to you thinking you are your sister – we usually listen chat and then say by the way I’m Linda/Julie!

“They say that twins feel each other pain…..well it’s a good thing we don’t, as Julie subsequently gave birth to twin boys herself!”


Julie says,

“I never thought I’d be working with (for) my sister in a million years as I’ve always been the bossy one. Seriously though, when we were younger we were always confusing our teachers, they even had name badges made for us – we may have to introduce this at Innova as several staff call us by the wrong name.

“You do have to get used to people calling you a different name if anyone calls out Linda in the street I always turn round and then usually have to explain I am not Linda – but her twin sister! They then look very embarrassed but it’s not a problem ….it happens all the time.

“The worst time was when Linda and her husband went on holiday and asked me to take her children to a football awards evening – obviously everyone thought I was Linda, in the end I gave up explaining that I wasn’t Linda and just went with the flow!”


MD Glenn commented,

“I have known both for many years as they are married to some of my best mates. I knew Linda first, though and one night in a local pub, I picked up who I thought was Linda, swung her around in the air only to see a look of horror on Julie’s face.

“Despite what people say about employing mates, I’ve made some great advances through it and it makes for a great working environment.

“I’m delighted that Julie has joined the team, like Linda, she’s smart, dynamic and has a great work ethic. It’s a bonus that she’s every bit as easy on the eye too!”


The cliche’s have been flying about since the pairing at Innova…..Seeing Double…..Double Vision…..Two Hot Too Handle……Dynamic Duo……..


If you have anything we can call them…..within acceptability standards of course…..drop us a comment below?



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