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News - New Developments in Adhesive & Tape Technology

The drive by sign manufacturers to use thinner, lighter gauge, more eco-friendly and cost effective substrates in the production of signage, coupled with the requirements of aesthetic quality, is a challenge that has been met by Innova Solutions for the past 13 years.

Offering a range of aesthetically pleasing, durable, secure and reliable high strength bonding tapes and structural adhesives to bond metals, industrial plastics, glass and ACM’s, without compromise.

NovaBond XS range

Furthermore, in keeping with the requests of our customers many of our technologies are leading the way in terms of their eco-friendly credentials.

The increased use of ACM’s in the market has led to ongoing issues when bonding mechanical fasteners to the rear of the sign.  Conventional 2 part structural adhesives exhibit an exothermic (heat) reaction upon cure, which in turn causes differential expansion and contraction between the aluminium outer and polyethylene inner sandwich of the ACM.

On full cure this causes a read through distortion mark on the front face of the sign.  Working in conjunction with our manufacturing chemists, Innova Solutions developed NovaWeld SignFix 33, a product that cures without the heat and associated shrinkage, thus eliminating unsightly marks on the sign face.

2 part methacrylate strike through

Bonding to low surface energy materials such as powder coat overspray has often required the additional steps of further abrasion and priming.  These additional processes are both time consuming and costly.  NovaBond LSE 80 is an eco-friendly, solvent free bonding tape that gives incredibly high peel and shear values, normally without the need for further surface preparation.

Conventional methods of laminating plastics have involved dichloromethane welding cements that have carried the documented health risks.  In seeking to reduce the complexity of COSHH assessments and comply with EC regulations, Innova have launched a range of dichloromethane and phthalate free laminating adhesives, without compromising final product quality.

Our invisible laminating adhesives such as Novalite SignFix 10 cure by the passage of natural light through at least one of the substrates, producing a bond in minutes.  The lamination can then be machined and flame polished as desired in the sequence shown below…..

novalite 1

NovLiteSF10 2

NovLiteSF10 3

NovLiteSF10 4

NovLiteSF10 5

NovLiteSF10 6

NovLiteSF10 7

NovLiteSF10 8

As active members of BSGA we aim to stay at the forefront of an ever changing industry.  Our products are used by the leading companies within the industry due to their durability and reliability in meeting customer needs.

We remain keen to work with both existing and new partners on a consultative basis to deliver a range of cutting edge products, fully supported with independent testing.

If you have any specific requirements we will always be happy to work with you.

Please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.

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