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Banner Tapes need to perform effectively and remain strong in numerous applications of both interior and exterior use.

Our double-sided banner tape range delivers high strength bonding on flexible vinyl and encompasses;

  • Clear tapes for invisible bonding
  • Polyester scrims or carriers strong enough to cope with eyelets
  • Bonding of low surface energy (LSE) materials
  • High shear grip (SG) tapes formulated to withstand stress
  • UV, temperature and moisture stable banner tapes for internal or external uses
  • Our thinnest banner tapes – for flush-fitting applications such as sign lettering
GradeApplicationsPropertiesAdhesiveThicknessTemp Range
SG30Fibrous, porous or irregular surfaces, thin gauge PVC banner hemmingPlasticiser Resistant, virtually impervious to water and moistureSynthetic Rubber Resin265uM-20⁰c to +60⁰c (short term 80⁰c)
SG80Fibrous, porous or irregular surfaces, heavyweight gauge PVC banner hemmingPlasticiser Resistant, virtually impervious to water and moistureSyntheticRubber Resin750uM-20⁰c to +60⁰c (short term 80⁰c)
SignMateHPHigh strength bonding of plastics, metal signs and bannersPlasticiser Resistant, extremely resistant to UV and impervious to water and moistureSolvent Acrylic Resin220uM-20⁰c to +120⁰c

There’s a great instructional video on ‘How To Make a Banner’ from the guys at SignandDigital.com below….



NovaBond SG30 & 80 (Shear Grip)

Banner hemming tape can handle any gauge of vinyl. The aggressive synthetic rubber resin adhesive is reinforced with a cotton cloth or polyester scrim. The result is a stronger banner hem, resistant to slipping or splitting in even the most demanding conditions.


NovaBond SG30


NovaBond SG80


NovaFix SignMate HP

It may be called SignMate, but this versatile high performance double-sided filmic bonding tape is also suited to banners where an extremely weather resistant bond is required.

A tough polyester carrier is the base for a very aggressive, high tack, high shear solvent acrylic adhesive.

UV, temperature and moisture resistant properties ensure NovaFix Signmate HP is the ideal weather resistant choice.


NovaFix SignMate HP

Signmate HP red filmic liner

NovaFix SignMate HP red filmic liner


Edging tape?

If you just want to make a simple banner stronger, then a single-sided edging tape will reinforce your banner without the need for folding.

For lightweight banners, or materials that don’t lend themselves to a folded hem, choose NovaFix Banner Edging Tape for extra rigidity and resilience.

NovaFix Banner Edging Tape is a high tack, single-sided PVC tape that won’t slip, will take an eyelet, and will give the edge of the banner rigidity instead of a conventional hem.


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