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News - How Glow In the Dark Works


Glow in the Dark products or photoluminescent materials are evident in all kinds of places, from children’s novelty toys to the more technical items such as our photoluminescent non-electrical safety egress signage, tapes and emergency markers.

Photoluminescent products contain phosphors, that when energised by light, glow in the dark. The phenomenon of photoluminescence is created by the absorption of visible, UV or Infra-red radiation and is a non-radioactive process.

The pigments absorb and store photons or ‘particles’ of light from the light source. This is stored as energy, and on removal of the light source, is released as visible light and ‘glows in the dark’.

The very nature and purpose of safety egress products is that they require the highest specification performance pigments. Innova Solutions’ glow in the dark pigments are all made from Strontium Aluminate Oxide, which when combined with various inorganics, enhances the intensity and duration of afterglow.

They will remain highly visible for well over an hour and detectable by the human eye for over 10 hours with virtually unlimited number of charging/discharging cycles.


Photoluminescent pigments can be cast, dipped, coated, extruded or moulded, and so are integrated into the manufacturing process to form our self-adhesive tapes, rolls, sheets and die-cut shapes as well as rigid boards that glow in the dark.


They can be classified in the following categories:

  • Class A – has the lowest pigment loading
    • shortest life/least brightness
  • Class B – increased pigment loading,
    • High glow and longer duration
  • Class C – higher loading than Class B
    • Higher glow and duration to Class B etc.
  • Class D – highest  pigment loading
    • brightest and highest intensity afterglow


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