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The dedicated Photoluminescent site has been well received industry wide after launching last month.

In collaboration with partner, Jessup Manufacturing Company, of Illinois, a multitude of product improvements have been engineered and rolled out to all Glo Brite® customers as a no-cost option!


“The quality and custom photolum substrates that the partnership Innova/Jessup can deliver, have greatly increased our on-site production flexibility. The Innova/Jessup substrates enable us to cut photolum signs to any size favoured by our customers and allow us to manufacture more efficiently, deliver our product faster and offer our customers great customisation options without increasing production cost”, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at a global safety identification company.


The latest generation of the Glo Brite® 7500 series was developed to an exacting marine application for one of our clients. Utilising cutting-edge development in High Definition surface technology for the first time in a photoluminescent film, Glo Brite® 7535 (PSPA Class B) and 7555 (PSPA Class C) now offers greater flexibility and enhanced aesthetics.

Production benefits include: sharper edge-definition, enhanced contrast and colour density, faster drying to improve production efficiencies – when using screen print or digital inkjet with solvent/eco-solvent or UV inks

Using the latest and most innovative photoluminescent pigments, the new improved Jessup Glo Brite® Series Films produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions as well as charging faster in the light.


“The material substrates offered by Innova through Jessup have greatly increased the flexibility of our product offer. When handled by our on-site machinery, they enable efficient customisation and allow us to swiftly switch colours, text and language according to our customer’s needs, all within a stable, pre-defined delivery time”, Product Manager from a leading global safety sign company.


Jessup Glo-Brite® glow in the dark material is the most trusted choice for emergency safety way & egress systems, with Innova Solutions the UK’s sole official partner. If you have a current requirement not contained within your current glow in the dark range…..you really should talk to us?


For your safety way and egress products, have a look around the NEW site at Photoluminescent.co.uk or contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.


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