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News - Photoluminescent in Emergency Situations

Safety first every time – the power of photoluminescent egress systems

Photo luminescent materials, or commonly “glow-in-the-dark” are designed to significantly improve egress pathways in emergency situations. The photolum pigments used in Innova Solutions’ Glo-Brite® safety products absorb and store energy from ambient light.

In the case of a sudden black-out or darkness from a power failure, rapid smoke spread from a fire, the photoluminescent material releases its stored energy and glows with a bright consistent light.

Such situations, with photolum signage in multi-level locations, ensures ease of safe passage in case of total ‘black out’ or a ‘smoke filled’ situation.

The “glow-in-the-dark” properties aids emergency services in navigation around smoke-filled buildings, helping them to fight fires quickly and reduce damage liability.

Check out the products in action in ‘Black-Out’ and ‘Smoke-Filled’ emergency situations:


Smoke Filled

Benefits include:

  • Bright and consistent light.
  • No flicker means less panic.
  • Faster, safer evacuation
  • Emergency services assistance
  • Saves lives and reduces potential damage
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive

How is the photoluminescent material supplied?

Innova supply photoluminescent material in 3 formats:

1)   Rigid sheets, 1.2mm thick,

2)   Self adhesive, whether in logs, small plain and printed rolls, or sheets

3)   Rolls of adhesive photoluminescent laminate, for use when backing up clear acrylics


Innova Solutions and Jessup’s Glo-Brite® offers photoluminescent egress solutions that are essentially maintenance free.

Install an emergency egress system that’s safer for everyone.

Check out our dedicated Photoluminescent website and range of products at photoluminescent.co.uk


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