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News - Novahead Fasteners & NovaWeld Adhesives

NovaWeld two-part structural adhesives yield superior bond strengths across a wide range of substrates including;

  • steel,
  • aluminium,
  • polycarbonate,
  • composite materials and engineering plastics.

NovaHead fasteners can be used in numerous bonding applications with our NovaWeld adhesives.

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Available in a variety of base plate dimensions or diameters, stud lengths and thread diameters, our male threaded NovaHead bonding fasteners can be used for fixings in an extensive range of signage bonding applications.

Check out our best practice guide to using NovaWeld and NovaHead fasteners.

NovaHead fasteners have a wide range of diverse range of applications  with architects and designers seeking innovative solutions for fixing composite sub-assemblies.

Options for corrosion resistant mild steel (MS) and stainless steel (SS), suitable applications include:
• For signage: from acrylic to stainless – stone and ceramic
• For automotive: can be used in bumper fixings, panel fixing, luggage racking, & motorcycle fairings
• For Marine: Equipment mounts, insulation panels and lashing points
• Construction: Ducting mounts, Ladder wall fastening, climbing walls, Insulation panels


Check out our NovaWeld range and review our  NovaHead fastener range……HERE

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