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News - NovaSeal UV and Weather Resistant Adhesives

NovaSeal range

NovaSeal UV and Weather Resistant Adhesives are our most versatile solvent-free polymer adhesive systems, so wherever you need the bonding power of an MS (modified silane) polymer adhesive with protection against the elements, select from the NovaSeal range.

NovaSeal polymer adhesives don’t act like ordinary adhesives. They’re UV and weather resistant, meaning you can use them indoors or outdoors without any loss of adhesive strength……and you can even use them to bond damp surfaces.

As an elastomeric polymer, they blend excellent sealing properties with an adhesive strength you wouldn’t normally associate with a sealant.

Sag resistant properties mean that they can be used vertically and even upside-down on roofs and ceilings. They’re endlessly flexible in terms of use, with a high initial bond strength that even applies to painted surfaces.

NovaSeal are solvent and isocyanate free adhesives – so you can use them without worrying about any harmful evaporation effects.

Depending on your application, we offer;

  • NovaSeal SignFix 2 as a crystal clear adhesive – which is excellent for illuminated signage for perfect aesthetics without shadowing
  • NovaSeal UltraBond in black or white – excellent in bonding wall panels and particularly suited to vehicle, caravan and truck bodies as well as heating and ventilation equipment.

All grades have combined anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which lend themselves perfectly in hospital or ‘clean room’ environments.

Not being a ‘rigid cure’, their flexibility offers significant benefits for joints with differential expansions or where vibration is a concern

For superior bonding, clean and prepare the surfaces with our NovaBond Surface Cleaners and NovaBond Surface Primers.


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