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News - What is Photoluminescent?

Photoluminescent materials have the ability to absorb light energy, whether natural or artificial, and on the removal of that light source, will continue to glow.

The duration and brightness of the glow is governed by the amount of photoluminescent pigment stored in the face surface. The Classification of the brightness and duration of the glow is done by a simple lettering system- Class A has the least pigment, therefore the shortest life/least brightness, Class B has more pigment, Class C has more than Class B and so on.

What is photoluminescent used for?


The most common commercial uses for photoluminescent material are in the manufacture of safety way guidance and emergency signage; all Innova materials are suitable for digital printing with solvent, eco-solvent or UV inks, screen printing or thermal-transfer.

How is the photoluminescent material supplied?

Innova supply photoluminescent material in 3 formats:

1)   Rigid sheets, 1.2mm thick,

2)   Self adhesive, whether in logs, small plain and printed rolls, or sheets

3)   Rolls of adhesive photoluminescent laminate, for use when backing up clear acrylics

Watch the video below to see the product in-situ


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