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NovaSeal UltraBond is as clever as it is versatile being a corrosion and vibration resistant polymer adhesive available in black, white or clear.


  • Odourless
  • Anti-fungal
  • Corrosion and vibration resistant


Ideal for:

  • Signage:
    • The high strength is appropriate for architectural signage, cladding and panels
  • Clean rooms and hospitals:
    • Neutral and odourless
    • Anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties make UltraBond the natural choice for bonding wall panels and trims
  • Automotive:
    • Resists vibration and galvanic corrosion – ideal for bonding and sealing all types of vehicle, caravan and truck bodies including stiffener bars and side panels
  • Other:
    • Electrical, heating and ventilation, air-conditioning and most types of equipment

Why NovaSeal UltraBond polymer adhesive?

The high initial tack, fast curing and high strength of NovaSeal UltraBond MS polymer adhesive makes it the use anywhere, for anything glue.

  • Indoor, outdoor, UV and weather resistant
  • Use on painted surfaces and even damp surfaces
  • Sag resistance allows use on walls and ceilings
  • Isocyanate and solvent-free adhesive

How to apply NovaSeal UltraBond MS polymer

  • Ensure the materials you are bonding are free from dirt and dust.
  • An effective bond requires a grease-free surface. We recommend cleaning with NovaBond Surface Cleaner.
  • Apply NovaSeal UltraBond in vertical strips using the nozzle supplied.
  • Join the parts to be bonded as quickly as possible (and within 15 minutes of adhesive application).


  • UltraBond Black: 290ml
  • UltraBond White: 290ml

NovaSeal UltraBond polymer adhesive technical information

Basic ingredientMs-polymer
Curing systemBy means of humidity
Curing speed2.5 to 3mm / 24hours @ 23°C and 50% R.H.
Number of componentsOne
ColourBlack or White
Skin formation time15 minutes at 23°C and 50% R.H.
Density1.60g/ml approx. (ISO 1183)
Shore A hardness60 (± 5) (ISO-868)
Joint movement capacity25%
Modulus at 100% elongation1.500 N/mm² (ISO-8339-40)
Modulus at break1.700 N/mm² (ISO-8339-40)
Elongation at break180% (ISO-8339-40)
Shearing force3.132 N/mm²
Solvent content0%
Isocyanate content0%
Dry matter content100% approx.
Processing temperature+5°C to +40°C (do not process below +5°C.)
Temperature stability-40°C to +90°C
Moisture resistanceextremely good
Frost stabilitynot sensitive to frost


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Product Downloads

Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 435.37 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 202.46 KB)


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