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NovaWeld SignFix 8 is a non-flammable, new generation, two-component structural adhesive and represents a new level of performance for all 10:1 low shrinkage high elongation structural methacrylate adhesives.

NovaWeld SignFix 8 offers a very tough and flexible bond, with high peel, fatigue and impact strength, at both low and elevated temperatures. Formulated from innovative and bespoke blend of low-odour, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic monomers – this grade further extends our progress with our range of eco-friendly adhesives.


 NovaWeld SignFix 8 is very versatile, and can bond a wide variety of substrates without the need for surface primers or conditioners. Typically; aluminum’s, steels, ABS, Acrylics, UPVC, acrylic’s GRP, HPL, granite, marbles and wood – typical applications include:

  • Bonding nylon & metal locators to ACM without read-though or witness marks.
  • Bonding mild steel frame to FRP and offering high vibration and impact resistance.
  • Bonding fasteners to GRP and FRP moulded parts.
  • Bonding and laminating composite panels.
  • Composite and metal fabrication for seating construction.

How to apply NovaWeld SignFix8

  1. Consult the SignFix8 material safety data sheet (MSDS) before using for the first time.
  2. Carry out surface preparation where required.
  3. Remove cap. Repeatedly press the gun trigger until both parts are dispensing before attaching mixer nozzle. This ensures you mix equal amounts of adhesive and activator.
  4. Apply the mixed adhesive to one surface. Assemble components carefully and clamp if required.
  5. Take care not to over-tighten – you need to leave some adhesive between the joint.
  6. Remove any excess adhesive at this point, before the structural glue starts to cure. Use a suitable cleaner such as NovaBond Surface Cleaner.
  7. Allow the adhesive sufficient time to achieve handling strength* before moving or unclamping.
  8. Full cure and ultimate bond strength will take 24 hours to achieve.


*Once mixed at the 10:1 ratio the working time of the NovaWeld SignFix 8 is the period whereby the adhesive remains fluid and is easily transferrable between two or more mating surfaces. Nominally 3-4 minutes – temperature, volume and substrate have a direct effect on the length of this period as SignFix 8 cures by an exothermic reaction. Higher temperatures and larger volumes speed the reaction causing a reduction in open and cure time. Lower temperatures and smaller volumes slow the reaction time extending both the open time and ultimate full cure time.


Properties of Uncured Material

Property & Test Methods Specification
Resin Low Odor Methacrylate
Colour Black
Appearance Thixotropic Gel
Viscosity Brookfield T Bar 250,000 to 300,000cps
Cure System Non Peroxide


Properties of Cured Material

Property & Test Methods Specification
ASTM D1002 Lapshear (Average over 16 tests)
Aluminum (unprepared) 14.36 Nmm2
Polycarbonate 5.5 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
HIPS 5.2 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
Stainless Steel 15.33 Nmm2
Mild Steel 18.37 Nmm2
GRP 5.8 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
ABS 4.77 Nmm2
Nylon 4.96 Nmm2
FRP 5.8 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
Gap Fill 3mm
Temperature Range -55°C to 120ºC
Shore Hardness 60 Shore D
Tensile Strength at break (ISO 527 1A) 10.9 Nmm2
% Elongation at break (ISO 527 1A) 104 %
% Elongation SAF* Method >200%
UV Stability Excellent



Comes in 50ml or 490ml nylon cartridges, requires a 10:1 applicator gun


Storage & Shelf life

NovaWeld SignFix 8 should be stored unopened in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight.  Stored correctly this grade can offer a 12 month shelf life from manufacture.


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