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A tough, fast working glue for plastics and other materials with applications that reach far beyond the signmaking industry.

NovaWeld SignFix 1 acrylic adhesive – ideal for:

Signage: High impact, high strength bonding of most signmaking materials including:

  • metal
  • Polycarbonate and acrylic sheets
  • Composite panels

Automotive: Use to bond carbon fibre body panels

Other: The versatility of NovaWeld SignFix 1makes it appropriate for a wide range of substrates, including dissimilar materials with varying rates of expansion. To ensure SignFix 1 is right for your application please contact us.

Why NovaWeld SignFix 1 glue for plastic?

NovaWeld SignFix 1 is a toughened acrylic adhesive formulated for the harshest weather conditions. Quick and easy to use, the pink/green acrylic adhesive can be applied bead on bead, allowing you to build up the adhesive to fill gaps while maintaining bond strength.

How to apply NovaWeld SignFix 1 acrylic adhesive

  1. Consult the SignFix material safety data sheet (MSDS) before using for the first time.
  2. Carry out surface preparation where required.
  3. Remove cap. Repeatedly press the gun trigger until both parts are dispensing before attaching mixer nozzle. This ensures you mix equal amounts of adhesive and activator.
  4. Apply the mixed adhesive to one surface. Assemble components carefully and clamp if required. Take care not to over-tighten – you need to leave some adhesive between the joint.
  5. Remove any excess adhesive at this point, before the structural glue starts to cure. Use a suitable cleaner such as NovaBond Surface Cleaner.
  6. Allow the adhesive sufficient time to achieve handling strength (working time is 2-3 minutes depending on environmental conditions) before moving or unclamping. Full cure and ultimate bond strength will take 24 hours to achieve.

NovaWeld SignFix 1 acrylic adhesive technical information

Typical uncured properties

ColourPart A: Pink / Part B: Green
Viscosity brookfield t bar5000 / 5000
Mix ratio by volume1:1
Mix ratio by weight1:1
Open time2-3 minutes @ 20°C
Handling strength4-5 minutes @ 20°C

Typical cured properties

LapshearUp to 25 Nmm2 – ASTM D1002
Tensile strengthUp to 25 Nmm2 – ASTM D638
Gap fill2mm
Temperature range-55°C to 125°C

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Product Downloads

Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 225.70 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 407.70 KB)


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