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For safe, simple navigation around your workspace: custom create your floor markers with Innova Solutions NovaGlow 3420 Glo Brite® Safety Track® photoluminescent floor markers .

Photoluminescent floor markers contribute to creating a safer workspace and supplement your egress safety guidance system.

NovaGlow Photoluminescent floor markers provide both WARNING and INFORMATION notifications, typically they provide:

  • Supplementary emergency egress and safety signage:
    • Use arrows or glow in the dark footprints to point the way to safety.
    • Outline aisles and potential trip hazards with spot markers.*
  • Preferred route way-marking
    • Guide the flow of people through your exhibition, attraction or retail space.
  • Design features
    • Use the floor space more effectively.
    • How could luminous floor markers make your space a safer, quicker or more exciting place to navigate?
  • *ISO 16069 notes that dots, footprints and chevrons can be used to give additional perspective but should not be used as substitutes or replacements for safety way-guidance system components.

Why NovaGlow glow in the dark floor markers?

Standard or custom designs: Choose from a wide range of existing designs or customise your own floor markers.
Non-slip: Frosting creates a surface that’s easy to grip to.
Hard-wearing: Reverse printing and a hard wearing, scuff resistant surface keep your floor markers effective for longer.

Certified performance and safety

PSPA Class B: The Photoluminescent Safety Products Association classifies NovaGlow floor markers as high performance when the photoluminescent pigment is charged by a bright light source.


To order photoluminescent NovaGlow Fluorescent Floor Markers contact us by email enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for more information or call +44 (0)1282 867 390

Innova Solutions Photoluminescents: A brighter approach to glow in the dark safety

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