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Clearer, stronger, brighter safety signage, from a photoluminescent film accredited by the PSPA as delivering high performance even under low lighting conditions. For HD sharpness and production efficiency in a safety film that charges faster, choose Glo-Brite® 7555.

Glo-Brite® 7555 photoluminescent film – ideal for:

Safety signage in building, marine, rail and military environments.

Glo-Brite® 7555 (and the other photoluminescent tapes in the 7500 series) has been specifically designed for:

  • Higher levels of luminance and excellent charging properties, even in low light conditions
  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Satin/matt HD finish

Why Jessup Glo-Brite® 7555 photoluminescent film?

All the advantages of Glo-Brite® 7535, with extra luminance in lower light:

  • HD sharpness: Razor-sharp edge definition and rich, consistent colour density. So your safety signage remains clear, strong and unambiguous.
  • Brighter in blackout: The latest generation of Jessup Glo-Brite® safety signage tapes and films use photoluminescent pigments that produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions and charge faster in the light.
  • Easy printing: Solvent. Eco-solvent. UV. Whatever inks you choose, and however you print them, Glo-Brite® 7555’s exceptional ink adhesion means edges are crisper and colours sharper. Excellent layflat characteristics make working with Glo-Brite® 7555 easy.
  • Quick drying: Faster drying improves production rates and efficiency.
  • Performance: Even in harsh exterior environments, the UV stable pigment and superior ink adhesion ensure your signs retain their integrity and durability.

Certified performance and safety

  • Glo-Brite® 7555 photoluminescent tape exceeds the performance requirements of PSPA Class C (high performance in low lighting conditions).
  • It complies with The European RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
  • It contains none of the substances of very high concern (SVHCs) or banned substances as identified by the REACH standard.

Glo-Brite® 7555 photoluminescent tape technical information

Thickness0.229 mm – excludes release liner 
Peel Adhesion to:
Stainless Steel80 N/100 mm
Powder coated surfaces *66 N/100mm
Polyethylene60 N/100 mm
Shear Adhesion to:
Stainless Steel 1Kg 12.5sqmm> 10 hours
Tack< 125mm (rolling ball test)
Luminous Values180mcd/m223mcd/ m2
Service Temperature (High)Not recommended above 65°C max. service
Service Temperature (Low)Not recommended below -40⁰C

NOTE: For full technical information please ask for a data sheet.

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