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Make any clear substrate photoluminescent with Jessup Go-Brite® 520 Class B laminating film from the UK’s only official Jessup partner: Innova Solutions.

Glo-Brite® 520 laminating film – ideal for:

  • Safety signage
  • Marine signage
  • Public transport signage
  • Fire safety signage

Why Jessup Glo-Brite® 520 photoluminescent laminating film?

Creating glow in the dark signage is easier with photoluminescent laminating film. Because the photoluminescence comes from the adhesive in the laminate, you enjoy greater freedom and flexibility of substrate, graphics and printing technique.

Apply Jessup Glo-Brite® 520’s pressure sensitive, glow in the dark film to the rear of any clear substrate, and your sign becomes photoluminescent.

Protect your safety signage

Signage that protects needs protecting too if it’s to keep performing. Jessup Glo-Brite® 500 series laminating films protect the reverse–printed, sub surface graphics on your safety signage:

  • Anti-Graffiti – easily remove inks and aerosol paints easily without damaging the print
  • Resistant to salt spray corrosion / erosion – ideal for maritime signage
  • Legible for longer in fire situations when printed on a flame-retardant, clear substrate
  • Bleach-resistant and suitable for use in clean rooms disinfected with peroxide-bombing

Certified performance and safety

Glo-Brite® 520 glow in the dark laminating film meets a range of international safety standards including:

  • ISO 15370 (International Standards Organization)
  • IMO RES A. 752 (18) (International Maritime Organization)
  • EU Marine Equipment Directive
  • PSPA Class B (Photoluminescent Safety Products Organization)
  • DIN 67510 (German Industrial Standard)
  • ASTM 2072 (American Society for Testing and Materials)

How to apply Glo-Brite® 520

  1. Reverse-print graphics on the back of your clear substrate to protect graphics
  2. Remove liner and apply laminate to the rear of your sign, over the reverse-printed graphics. For best results use a laminator. Apply even pressure to avoid trapping any air bubbles.

Glo-Brite® 520 photoluminescent laminating film technical information

Roll size,686mm x 45.7m
Luminous Values (based on ASTM/DIN standards),56 mcd/m2 at 10 mins7 mcd/m2 at 60 mins

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NOTE: For full technical information please ask for a data sheet. For specific performance data please contact us.

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