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Close or flush fitting materials bond better with NovaFix, the industry standard for banner hemming and bonding flexible trims or profiles.

NovaFix 24A double sided tape – ideal for:

  • Signmaking: For banner hemming and high strength bonding of flat cut letters and other flush fitting surfaces.
  • Retail: The perfect fixative for point of sale material.
  • Plastic extrusion industry: Available in bobbin spools for ‘in-line’ application.
  • Furniture: NovaFix 24A is FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) approved for bonding in demanding applications and humid conditions.

Why NovaFix 24A tape?

NovaFix 24A’s white PVC carrier is coated with a heavy coatweight of solvent acrylic – so despite the thinness of the tape, it still creates a powerful and conformable bond. It’s the ideal banner tape for flush-fitting surfaces, so when the visual appeal of the finished product matters, trust NovaFix.

How to apply NovaFix tape

Preparation: For the optimum bond, surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust and loose particles. For best results use NovaBond Surface Cleaner.


  1. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the tape as this impairs the performance.
  2. The tape is pressure sensitive. Achieve best results by ensuring maximum surface contact and even pressure across the whole surface as you apply the tape.
  3. When the tape is fixed, remove liner to expose the second adhesive coated side. Apply second surface.
  4. Optimum bond strength will be achieved in 24 hours

NovaFix SignMate 24A banner tape technical information

Technical descriptionTechnical values
Tape thickness0.210mm
Liner ColourBrown
Initial tack (side A/B) (PSTC-6 #14 ball)<5
Holding power (side A/B) (PSTC-7)>24hrs 1kg/2.5cm x 2.5cm
Holding power for temperature resistance 80°c (PSTC-7)>24hrs 0.5kg/2.5cm x 2.5cm
Adhesion (side A/B) (PSTC-1)g/25mm >2400
Temperature resistance-20°c to + 90°c
Technical descriptionTechnical values

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Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 281.61 KB)


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