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SnapFix plastic fasteners are an easy and ideal light weight solution for locating flat or fabricated acrylic letters to a background substrate.

Depending on the application, a ‘stand off’ of between 15mm and 25mm can be achieved using the three SnapFix fasteners available, ideal for:

  • Flat Acrylic letter fixing
  • Fabricated letters
  • Invisible stand offs
  • Plaques


The acrylic studs can be mounted the the base substrate using our recommended adhesive:

The acrylic stud is designed with a ‘raised point’ that enables a drilling template to be created by pressing the sign or raised letter into a sheet of paper.

The template can then be used to accurately mount the sockets to the background surface using a round head screw.

Once both male and female parts are located, simply click into position for a fastening that may be easily removed for cleaning or repairs.


SizeSocket Width (mm)Stud Base Diameter (mm)Socket Length (mm)Stud Ball Diameter (mm)Stand Off (mm)Quantity
Large20mm20mm23mm11mm25mm250 pairs
Medium11mm15mm13mm8mm16mm250 pairs
Small8mm8mm10mm5.4mm11.5mm250 pairs

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