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NovaLock DL - 1a

NovaLock DL Fabric Fasteners provide a cost effective solution for numerous semi-permanent fastening applications, offering ease of application with a simple peel and stick fixing.  They are ideally suited to securing parts that are frequently dis-assembled such as signage, display or POS components

They are a mushroom type fixing, consisting of a continuous strip of a woven backing with ‘mushroom’ stems that interlock or ‘mates’ to itself backed with a rubber-based hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesive.

They exhibit a good to excellent adhesion to most substrates, including most metals, wood, ceramics, paper, cardboard, certain textiles, various hard plastics.

They exhibit a high initial tack and show improved humidity resistance compared to polyester tape when fixed to waterproof or dry surfaces*.

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dust, humidity, loose particles, monomeric plasticisers, silicones, paint or coating which is peeling off
  • Avoid uneven, brittle, soft or unstable surfaces

Instructions For Use

  1. Apply at room temperature (20°C +/-5°C)
  2. Press adhesive-backed tape and substrate firmly together at room temperature while bonding
  3. Optimal adhesion after 48 hours at room temperature
  4. Full cure and ultimate bond strength will take 24 hours to achieve
  5. Clean excess with NovaBond Surface Cleaner or with an ecological biodegradable cleaner with a basis of natural solvents
  6. *They are not suitable for articles containing plasticiser.


ConstructionWoven polyester/polypropylene ‘mushrooms’
Adhesive TypeRubber-based hot melt - Amber/Clear
Temperature Range-10°C to 90C
Thickness (unfastened)4.3mm each
Thickness (fastened)6.0mm
Dimensions25mm x 25mm squares or per metre
Open & Close (Lift method)140Nm/cm2
Open & Close (Push method)7N/cm2



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