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NovaHead fasteners can be used in numerous bonding numerous applications with our NovaWeld adhesives.

Available in a variety of  base plate dimensions or diameters, stud lengths and thread diameters, our male threaded NovaHead bonding fasteners can be used for fixings in an extensive range of signage bonding applications.

Outside of the signage industry, NovaHead fasteners are open to a diverse range of applications as architects and designers seek new and innovative solutions for fixing composite sub-assemblies.

CodeGradePlate SizeType*Thread Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
NHMSF1S23M5Mild Steel23mm DiameterSM523
NHMSF1S38M6Mild Steel38mm DiameterSM638
NHMSM1B19M412Mild Steel19mm DiameterBM412
NHMSM1B23M416Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM416
NHMSM1B23M420Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM420
NHMSM1B23M425Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM425
NHMSM1B23M512Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM512
NHMSM1B23M516Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM516
NHMSM1B23M520Mild Steel23mm DiameterBM520
NHMSM1B38M540Mild Steel38mm DiameterBM540
NHMSM1B38M640Mild Steel38mm DiameterBM640
NHMSM1B3815M412Mild Steel38mm x 15mmBM412
NHMSM1B3815M425Mild Steel38mm x 15mmBM425
NHMSM1B3815M460Mild Steel38mm x 15mmBM460
NHMSM1B3815M520Mild Steel38mm x 15mmBM520

* S = sighted perforated base (hole through); B =blind perforated plate (no central through hole)

Available in corrosion resistant mild steel (MS), other suitable applications include:


  • Bumper fixings, panelling fixtures, luggage racking, motorcycle fairings


  • Ducting mounts, Ladder wall fastening, climbing walls, Insulation panels


  • Equipment mounts, insulation panels, lashing points

Please contact us if you require any other size not listed or to discuss any application requirements you may have.

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