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Independent tests at Loughborough University show NovaBond XS high strength acrylic foam bonding tapes outperform the leading competitor by almost 75% on peel strength and over 50% on shear resistance. We believe no high strength bonding tapes perform better.

NovaBond XS 110W acrylic foam tape – ideal for:

  • Signage: Used extensively within the sign industry to bond metals, plastics and ACM. Its visco elastic properties make it ideal for bonding dissimilar materials with different expansion rates.
  • Other: Superior holding power in any application where performance critical bonding is essential.

Why NovaBond XS 110W high strength bonding tape?

Incredibly high bond strength delivers durability and longevity


  • Extremes of temperature
  • High forces applied to the bond
  • Water
  • Most solvents and chemicals
  • Differential expansion and contraction
  • Interior or exterior performance
  • Easy release siliconised filmic liner improves assembly times
  • High tack and good initial handling strength for improved production speeds and aesthetics

How to apply NovaBond XS 110W acrylic foam tape

  1. Abrade (roughen) the surface to provide a ‘key’ to which the tape can bond. By doing so you’ll increase the bond strength by as much as 35%
  2. Clean with NovaBond Surface Cleaner
  3. Prime the surface. Independent tests at Loughborough University show that using the correct primer can increase final bond strength by up to 50%.
  4. You can find the correct NovaBond Surface Primer here.
  5. With firm pressure, apply NovaBond XS 110W to one of the surfaces to be bonded. Using a NovaBond roller will allows the high strength bonding tape to wet out and reach ultimate bond strength more quickly.
  6. Remove liner, align the parts to be bonded, and join.
  7. Apply firm pressure to the bond with the NovaBond roller.
  8. Ultimate bond strength will be achieved in 72 hours.

NovaBond XS 110W plastic bonding tape technical information

Standard Roll Dimensions12, 19 & 25mm widths x 33m rolls
Dynamic Shear* (Mean load)533N (Surface area 800mm²) Force applied 45N for 60 seconds – Jaw speed 50mm/minute
180⁰ Peel* (Mean load)33N (Surface area 60mm²) – Force applied 20N
Tensile Load* (Mean load)89N (Surface area 122mm²) – Force applied 45N for 60 seconds – Jaw speed 10mm/minute
Service Temperature-40⁰C to 95⁰C (short term: 200⁰C)
ApplicationMinimum 15°C (ideally between 21°C and 40°C)
TemperatureRelative humidity 55% ± 10%
Fire safetyTested to, and passed, the relevant fire tests which form Tables 2 & 3 (Interior Vertical Surfaces) of BS 6853:1999

* Data taken from independent testing commissioned at Joint Testing Services by Dr Paul Briskham

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Product Downloads

Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 352.96 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 281.61 KB) Product Information (pdf, 250.99 KB)


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