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Heavy duty at the highest temperatures. For performance you can rely on, even at 200°C+ choose NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25.

NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 high temperature bonding tape – ideal for:

  • Signage: Virtually impervious to UV, temperature, ageing or chemicals. Ideal for durable, long-lasting signs in the harshest environments, with a virtually clear formulation that protects the visual appeal of your finished sign.
  • Manufacturing: Use on metals prior to powder coating and oven-stoving. The high cohesion makes NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 ideal for die cutting.

Why NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 high temperature tape?

NovaBondSignFix Crystal HT25 is the double-sided, heat resistant tape you can rely on for the most demanding, performance critical tasks. On textured or uneven surfaces, at temperatures of up to 260°C*and exposed to full sunlight or chemicals, NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 stays strong.

The high performance, pressure sensitive tape also delivers:

  • High clarity and a virtually invisible bond
  • Superb die cutting and converting opportunities
  • Ultra high sheer and high cohesion – ensuring the tape (and bond) remain strong under stress
  • Interior or exterior application

How to apply NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 acrylic tape

  1. Abrade (roughen) the surface to provide a ‘key’ to which the tape can bond, increasing the bond strength by as much as 35%
  2. Clean with NovaBond Surface Cleaner
  3. Prime the surface. Independent tests at Loughborough University show that using the correct primer can increase final bond strength by up to 50%. You can find the correct NovaBond Surface Primer here.
  4. Remove the blue silicon liner. Align the parts to be bonded.
  5. With firm pressure, apply NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 to one of the surfaces to be bonded. Using a NovaBond roller will allow the double sided acrylic tape to wet out and reach ultimate bond strength more quickly.
  6. Apply firm pressure to the bond with the NovaBond roller.
  7. Ultimate bond strength will be achieved in 72 hours.

NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 heat resistant tape – technical information

AdhesivePure acrylic
Standard roll dimensions12, 19 & 25mm widths x 33m rolls
Coat weight250g/m2
Adhesion according to AFERA 4001Glass 30N/25mm – Steel 32N/25mm – PVC 23N/25mm – Aluminium 31N/25mm
Application temperatureMinimum 15°c (ideally between 21°c and 40°c)
Temperature resistance according to ISTM D3654 methodFrom -40°c to +150°c (long term) 260°c+ (short term) Area of 6.25² with 1kg load @ 150°c for 10,000 minutes
LinerBlue silicon coated HDPE co-ex film, 130micron

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Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 386.89 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 281.61 KB)


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