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An aggressive, synthetic rubber resin with an aggressive grip. For materials which traditionally prove difficult to bond. For stress forces indoors and out. And for long-lasting resistance to the elements, choose NovaBond SG80.

NovaBond SG80 high shear bonding tape – ideal for:

Signage: NovaBond SG loves awkward fibrous, porous or irregular surfaces. For large PVC, Opaljet and open mesh banners exposed to the worst of the weather (heat, wind and rain) choose NovaBond SG80.

And when your signs need a high strength bond that protects the integrity of the sign and the message that’s on it, NovaBond SG 80 performs on:

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Correx
  • Composite materials
  • Foamed PVC

Flooring: The carpet fitter’s natural choice for:

  • Aluminium or PVC stairnosings
  • Carpet mounting
  • Fixing skirting boards, fascias and trims

Other: Bonds metals, low surface energy plastics, fabric, wood, ceramics, granite and even sound concrete.

Why NovaBond SG80 rubber resin scrim tape?

It’s the combination of materials and advanced adhesive structures that makes NovaBond SG the ‘stickiest’ adhesive around. Rubber resin gives a high degree of tack and peel strength, even on low surface energy surfaces. The crosslinked rubber molecules keep the bond strong, giving incredible shear resistance. And the cotton scrim gives the high shear bonding tape even greater integrity.

The result? An adhesive scrim tape that will bond virtually anything.

How to apply NovaBond SG80 banner tape

Before you apply tape:

  1. Apply between temperatures of 20°C-35°C.
  2. For the optimum bond, surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dust and loose particles. For best results use NovaBond Surface Cleaner.
  3. On porous surfaces use a primer to seal the surface before you apply the tape. For more information please contact us.
  4. The tape is pressure sensitive. Achieve best results by ensuring maximum surface contact under pressure. Using a NovaBond roller will allow the high shear bonding tape to wet out and reach ultimate bond strength more quickly.

Applying the high shear bonding tape:

  1. Remove the glassine liner. Align the parts to be bonded, and join.
  2. Apply firm pressure to the bond with the NovaBond roller.
  3. The bond strength will be at its optimum after 12-24 hours. You can quicken this process by exposing the bonded materials to temperature of 60°C for approximately 1 hour.

NovaBond SG80 rubber adhesive scrim tape technical information

ColourVery pale yellow
Total thickness0.75mm
Adhesion to steel at 23⁰c2.9N/mm
Static shear resistance @ 23⁰c>200 hours
Rolling ball tack @ 23⁰c<50mm
Tensile strength5.12N/mm
Service temperature-20⁰c to +60⁰c (short term 80⁰c)
LinerGlassine (90gsm)
CarrierCotton scrim

Note: Not suitable for bonding clear substrates exposed to direct UV light, or for bonding dissimilar materials over 1m in length where the internal scrim does not allow independent expansion and contraction.

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Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 269.20 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 267.64 KB)


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