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Safety Track® – 3300 & 3375 Commercial Grade (Coloured)

Protecting your staff and customers from slip and trip hazards is one thing. Warning them of danger in advance is quite another. Jessup coloured Safety Track® combines unrivalled slip protection with powerful visual warnings.

Jessup Coloured Safety Track® – ideal for:

  • Farm machinery
  • Construction equipment
    •  Including cherry pickers and forklifts
    • Conveyors and Pulleys
  • Health & Safety Areas
    • Ladders, steps, stairs, scaffolds, platforms and walkways in manufacturing and construction environments and public buildings
  • Public transport
    • Entry and egress points on buses, trains, ships and aircraft
  • Automotive
    • Garages and maintenance repair areas
  • Food service areas

Why Jessup® Coloured Safety Track®?

Like all Jessup® Commercial Grade Safety Track®, the grit that forms the anti- slip surface is durable and suitable for interior and exterior use. A wide range of colours means you’ll always find a coordinating or contrasting tape for your application.

Choose safety tapes in traditional black/yellow stripe (including “Caution” or “Watch Your Step” messaging) to deliver the strongest visual cues.

Easy clean Safety Track®

All the visual power and anti-slip performance of regular commercial grade tape, in a mop-friendly formula that makes cleaning easy. Keep your coloured anti-skid surface looking better for longer with Jessup® Mop-Friendly Safety Track® 3375.

For individual Safety Track® products……link to the products below:

Jessup® 3300 and 3375 Safety Track® are:

  • Engineered to exceed OSHA Standards
  • Aggressively adhesive – so they last longer indoors and out
  • Designed for consistent slip resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals and fluids
  • Available in a wide range of stock and custom sizes

Certified performance and safety

Jessup® 3300 and 3375 are commercial grade Safety Tracks® certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI) as exhibiting “High Traction”.

How to apply Jessup® Coloured and Mop-Friendly Safety Track®

  1. Ensure surface on which Safety Track® will be applied is clean, dry and free from loose or peeling materials.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Anti Slip Surface Primer to the area where Safety Track® will be placed and allow to dry fully.
  3. Space individual pieces a minimum of ½” and a maximum of 2” apart. Position ½” from stair edges. Round the corners of any pieces cut from rolls.
  4. Peel protective liner back about 2” from one end and position piece on surface. IMPORTANT: Minimize touching adhesive with fingers.
  5. Continue to remove liner while firmly pressing exposed Safety Track® into place.
  6. Press into firm contact with surface using a rubber hand roller by starting in the middle and rolling out to edges.

NOTE: In exterior applications, prevent moisture from affecting adhesion by using Anti Slip Edge Sealer.

Jessup® 3300 & 3375 Safety Track® – technical information

Roll length60 feet* 
Roll width1” to 24” (1” to 12” for Jessup® 3375 Mop-Friendly)
ColoursVarious, including hazard warning stripes and text. Please call for details.
Thickness3300 series3375 Mop Friendly
Substrate0.025 inch (0.609 mm)0.044 inch (1.120 mm)
Pressure Sensitive adhesive0.002 inch (0.051 mm)0.002 inch (0.051 mm)
Release Liner0.006 inch (0.152 mm)0.006 inch (0.152 mm)
Service Temperature
High (14 days at 220°F)No visible effects
Low (14 days at -20°F)No visible effects

*Squares and treads also available. Please call for details.

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