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Jessup® 3100 Commercial Grade Safety Track® non-skid tapes are the only anti-slip surfaces certified as ‘High Traction’ by the NFSI. When you need a non slip surface to protect your people, your customers and your reputation, which will you choose?

It’s the silicone carbide grit that ensures Safety Track® commercial grade surfaces are not only anti-slip, but durable too. Indoors and out, Jessup® Commercial Grade Safety Track® is the most effective, durable non-slip surface on the market.

Jessup® Commercial Grade Safety Track® – ideal for:

Farm machinery

  • Construction equipment: Including cherry pickers and forklifts
  • Health and safety: Ladders, steps, stairs, scaffolds, platforms and walkways in manufacturing and construction environments and public buildings
  • Public transport: Entry and egress points on buses, trains, ships and aircraft
  • Automotive: Garages and maintenance repair areas
  • Food service areas
  • Conveyors and pulleys

Why Jessup® Commercial Grade Safety Track®?

Slip hazards are a risk to any organisation’s wellbeing. Protect against lost time, sick payments, compensation and loss of reputation with Commercial Grade Safety Track®.

The surface of abrasive particles is bonded by a tough, durable polymer to a dimensionally stable plastic film. The reverse side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, which enables the film to be anchored to a wide variety of surfaces. No non-skid material delivers greater slip resistance.

Jessup® 3100 Safety Track® is:

  • Engineered to exceed OSHA Standards
  • Aggressively adhesive – so it lasts longer indoors and out
  • Designed for consistent slip resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals and fluids
  • Available in a wide range of stock and custom sizes

Certified performance and safety

Jessup® 3100 Commercial Grade Safety Track® is National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI) certified for “High Traction”.

How to apply Jessup® Commercial Grade Safety Track®

  1. Ensure surface on which Safety Track® will be applied is clean, dry and free from loose or peeling materials.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Anti Slip Surface Primer to the area where Safety Track® will be placed and allow to dry fully.
  3. Space individual pieces a minimum of ½” and a maximum of 2” apart. Position ½” from stair edges. Round the corners of any pieces cut from rolls.
  4. Peel protective liner back about 2” from one end and position piece on surface. IMPORTANT: Minimize touching adhesive with fingers.
  5. Continue to remove liner while firmly pressing exposed Safety Track® into place.
  6. Press into firm contact with surface using a rubber hand roller by starting in the middle and rolling out to edges.

NOTE: In exterior applications, prevent moisture from affecting adhesion by using Anti Slip Edge Sealer.

Jessup® 3100 Safety Track® – technical information

Roll Length60feet*
Roll width1/2" to 48"
Substrate0.202inches (0.508mm)
Pressure sensitive adhesive0.002inches (0.051mm)
Release liner0.006inches (0.152mm)
Service Temperature
High (14 days at 220°F)No visible effects, slight material shrinkage at high temperatures
Low (14 days at -20°F)No visible effects

*Pre-cut, reflective and photoluminescent ‘glow in the dark’ strips are also avaliable.

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