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Photoluminescent anti-slip tape & die-cuts

Jessup Glo-Brite® Safety Track® 3400, non-slip tape makes emergency egress safer as they are the only anti-slip surfaces certified as ‘High Traction’ by the NFSI and combined with Glo-Brite® photoluminescence, the anti-slip surface becomes safer still. Make it part of your low-light evacuation system.

Glow in the dark Jessup Glo-Brite® Safety Track® – ideal for:

  • Health and safety:
    • Ladders, steps, stairs, scaffolds, platforms and walkways
    • Manufacturing and construction environments and public buildings – apply anywhere a slip or trip may delay or obstruct safe, swift emergency egress
  • Public transport:
    • Entry and egress points on buses, trains, ships and aircraft
  • Construction equipment:
    • Including cherry pickers and forklifts
  • Automotive:
    • Garages and maintenance repair areas
  • Food service areas
  • Conveyors and pulleys
  • Farm machinery

Why Jessup® Glo-Brite® photoluminescent Safety Track®?

When power fails or smoke reduces visibility, Glo-Brite® photoluminescent egress systems keep glowing, illuminating emergency exit routes, while helping to reduce panic. Yet any emergency carries with it a risk of slips and trips.

The effect of a fall in an egress route – particularly stairwells – could slow evacuation, block exits and put the safety of your people in jeopardy.Jessup Glo-Brite® Safety Track® ensures your emergency egress routes are not only powerfully illuminated. They’re powerfully non-slip too.

Jessup® Glo-Brite® Safety Track® 3400 is:

  • Designed for consistent slip resistance
  • Aggressive adhesive – so it lasts longer indoors and out
  • Manufactured by blending abrasive particles with glow in the dark strontium aluminate pigments, and bonded to a tough, durable polymer on a dimensionally stable plastic film.
  • For use on painted wood, metal, sealed concrete and most nonporous surfaces

Certified performance and safety

  • Glo-Brite® 3400 photoluminescent tape exceeds the performance requirements of the PSPA 3420 – Class B, 3450 – Class C.
  • High Traction as certified by NFSI and exceeds requirements of OSHA & ADA

Glo-Brite® 3400 Series photoluminescent anti-slip tape technical information

Thickness0.54mm - excludes release liner
Peel adhesion to: stainless steel120N / 100mm
Powder coated surfaces*93N / 100mm
Polyethylene71N / 100mm
Sheer adhesion to stainless steel 1Kg 12.5sqmm>10 hours
Track< 75mm (rolling ball test)
3420 Luminous values56mcd/m2 7mcd/m2
3450 Luminous values146mcd/m2 23mcd/m2
Service temperature (high)Not recommended above 65°C max. service
Service temperature (low)Not recommended below -40°C

OTE: For full technical information please ask for a data sheet. For specific performance

Photoluminescent anti-slip die-cuts

The following sizes and formats are available:-

DimensionsPrint / Format
25mm x 18.25mGlo-Brite® Anti-Slip tape
50mm x 18.25mGlo-Brite® Anti-Slip tape
150mm x 610mmGlo-Brite® Anti-Slip cleats
75mm dia circlesWith anti-slip surfacing - 20 per pack
75mm dia arrowsWith anti-slip surfacing - 20 per pack
100mm large arrowsWith anti-slip surfacing - 6 per sheet
Footprints 240mm x 90mmWith anti-slip surfacing - 10 pairs per pack
15mm x 8mm pieces (not anti-slip) Switch Markers - 80 per pack

How to apply Jessup® Glo-Brite® Safety Track® 3400

  1. Ensure surface on which Safety Track® will be applied is clean, dry and free from loose or peeling materials.
  2. Where necessary, apply a thin coat of Anti Slip Surface Primer to the area where Safety Track® will be placed and allow to dry fully.
  3. Space individual pieces a minimum of 12mm and a maximum of 50mm apart. Position 12mm from stair edges. Round the corners of any pieces cut from rolls.
  4. Peel protective liner back about 50mm from one end and position piece on surface. IMPORTANT: Minimize touching adhesive with fingers.
  5. Continue to remove liner while firmly pressing exposed Safety Track® into place.
  6. Press into firm contact with surface using a rubber hand roller by starting in the middle of the Safety Track and rolling out to edges.

NOTE: In exterior applications, prevent moisture from affecting adhesion by using Anti Slip Edge Sealer.


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Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 168.07 KB)


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