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Make your anti-slip surface last longer by keeping moisture out.

Why Anti-Slip Edge Sealer?

Anti-Slip Edge Sealer combines high adhesion with excellent sealing properties. It’s the ideal way
to seal the edges of anti-slip surfaces, creating a barrier against penetrating moisture and
prolonging the life of the tape.

Innova Anti-Slip Sealer is a polyurethane adhesive and is suitable for bonding to wood, canvas,
leather, PVC, nylon fabric, polyurethane fabric and foam. It is Toluene-free.

Where to use Innova Anti-Slip Edge Sealer

Use the edge sealer in the following applications:

  • Around anti-slip cleats and tiles
  • Along the length of tapes to be used outdoors
  • In wet areas to prevent moisture ingress

How to apply Anti-Slip Edge Sealer

Remove dirt, dust, excessive grease, oils or other contaminants from the surfaces to be sealed.


  1. Apply a thin coat of Anti-Slip Edge Sealer to both surfaces.
  2. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Bring the two coated surfaces together using sufficient pressure to ensure intimate contact. Take care not to trap any air pockets.

Anti-Slip Edge Sealer – Technical information

Solids20% approx
Viscosity3000 cps
Tack life5 minutes
Shelf Life12 months @ 5-25°C

Please note: The above guidance does not constitute a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). For handling, storage, composition and safety information please ask us for an MSDS when you order the product. Before using the primer please ensure you have read and fully understood the Anti Slip Edge Sealer MSDS. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 294.74 KB)
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