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New Range Photoluminescent from NovaDura Brighter, Tougher, Safer – Introducing the new primaDURA GLOW™ photoluminescent durable signage from our sister company NovaDura™ After many years of research, development and testing NovaDura™ have launched the only anti-vandal and anti-graffiti photoluminescent signage to satisfy the demanding requirements of S1085: Issue A4: 2016 for 2nd December 2016 Season’s Greetings from Innova To give your Christmas that added sparkle we’re giving away free Christmas goodie biscuit pack for all orders placed in December…….whilst stocks last!!! We’ll also include a photoluminescent printed Rudolph with his glow in the dark nose!!! A great little stocking filler for the kids………….we’ll 17th November 2016 Anti-Sag Properties, Even On Vertical Surfaces Our Strongman Approved NovaWeld SignFix 7 is the go-to adhesive for bonding metals, composites and engineering plastics. It’s anti-sag properties mean you don’t have to worry about it running, even on vertical surfaces. NovaWeld SignFix 7 can be used to a wide range of surfaces 14th November 2016 A Polyurethane Glue Unlike Any Other Our Strongman Approved NovaWeld SignFix 33 is a polyurethane glue that is unlike any other. It has a greater shear, peel and tensile strength than others of its kind, resulting in greater performance under stress. Perfect for both the sign making and automotive industries, this glue 7th November 2016 Strongman Approved Tapes & Adhesives Workout Strength comes in different shapes and sizes………so when you don’t have MARK FELIX to hand, we’ve got you covered… the video!   3rd November 2016 Looking for Tape with Extreme Durability? Our Strongman Approved NovaBond XS 110W is part of a range of acrylic foam tapes that have been scientifically proven to outperform our competitors by almost 75% on peel strength and more than 50% on shear resistance. Not only is our XS 110W excellent in 27th October 2016 Looking For Mechanical Strength and Impact Resistance? This two-part structural adhesive has been designed specifically for the bonding of high strength metal and composite applications. NovaWeld SignFix 11 has the perfect balance of mechanical strength and impact resistance whilst remaining easy to use due to our revolutionary adhesion system.  As one of our 12th October 2016 Achieve Fast Bond with Ultra-High Clarity Our NovaWeld SignFix 12 uses a bespoke blend of advanced acrylic polymers that provide a fast, Strongman Approved bond with ultra-high clarity. When the aesthetics of a job are of paramount importance, this two-component structural adhesive is the one you need due to its virtually invisible 6th October 2016 Bond Without the Need for Surface Primers Our Strongman Approved NovaWeld Flex 3HT and 6HT are two-part structural adhesives that share very common chemistry. Their only difference being the cure-speed, with the 6HT generally taking slightly longer, allowing for a diversity of applications. In order to achieve the highest level of strength 5th October 2016
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