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New Product Development – NovaWeld SignFix 8 New from Innova Solutions…… Working in partnership with the industry’s leading sign makers and materials manufacturers to meet the ever present demands of performance, aesthetics and eco-friendliness, our latest introduction is NovaWeld SignFix 8. NovaWeld SignFix 8 is a non-flammable, low odour, low shrinkage 2-part 14th February 2017 New Range Photoluminescent from NovaDura Brighter, Tougher, Safer – Introducing the new primaDURA GLOW™ photoluminescent durable signage from our sister company NovaDura™ After many years of research, development and testing NovaDura™ have launched the only anti-vandal and anti-graffiti photoluminescent signage to satisfy the demanding requirements of S1085: Issue A4: 2016 for 2nd December 2016 Looking for Tape with Extreme Durability? Our Strongman Approved NovaBond XS 110W is part of a range of acrylic foam tapes that have been scientifically proven to outperform our competitors by almost 75% on peel strength and more than 50% on shear resistance. Not only is our XS 110W excellent in 27th October 2016 Innova Solutions on Sign7 News! You may have seen us firing out a few links to news articles featuring us talking about the Growth Accelerator project. Well, we’ve been talking about it on Sign7 TV too! Take a look at the link below and from 1:12 in you’ll see our 16th January 2014 How Growth Accelerator Helped Innova Solutions! The Growth Accelerator scheme is designed to help businesses plan for growth and assist them in putting the relevant steps in place. Led by business growth experts the programme moulds itself to the specific needs of your business and can be used to help find 9th January 2014 Happy New Year! Here at Innova Solutions we’ve had a very busy start to 2014! Our brand new warehouse is officially being opened next Friday, and we’ve also been featured on the Print Monthly website. The article talks all about our new warehouse and how we made the most 8th January 2014 Warehouse Update Thanks to a busy and sunny summer, our new warehouse build is well underway and on track for the scheduled October 25th completion date. As the below video shows, the basic structure of the building is sound and the roof trusses have just been fitted 18th September 2013
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